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Listing and selling a business can be a long, tedious, time-consuming, stressful process. This fact is especially true with fitness business owners. The many distractions of operating a business can occupy you enough to prevent you from focusing on the growth and reputation of your fitness business. We aim to assist you in avoiding the mistakes and pitfalls you would encounter at the hands of a realtor or even attempting to do so yourself. Our expertise in selling fitness-based operations saves you time, frustration, and financial loses….

Why Choose Me As Your Broker?


Your privacy and confidence in our services are paramount and, more importantly, a staple of our foundation. Our goal is always to protect you, your identity, and your business. We aim to make all transactions as discrete and as uncomplicated as possible. Staff and customers will never know of a potential sale due to our method of always keeping the privacy of our customers front and center.

Valuation - Listing - Packaging

As your Broker, I will evaluate, list, and package your business for top price. There are many ways to value or price a business. Setting the right purchase price and compiling a professional package to present to qualified buyers is essential. With these actions taken, we can target the sale of your business for the best and highest price possible. My expertise helps me analyze the market and find the actual value of the business and its potential for growth. 

Marketing and Buyer Management

My focus in the marketing of your business as your broker is to focus on high intent buyers. Your business will be listed and promoted via national MLS (multiple listing service) websites and buyer databases. This marketing style helps us skip low-intent buyers and focus on converting your listing into a sale faster and more efficiently. As your broker, I will handle the process of fielding buyer inquiries, screening, and qualification of potential buyer candidates. To manage these steps, I require a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement before sharing any details.

Purchase Offers - Buyer Support - Closing

As your Broker, I will assist you and guide you through the whole process from start to finish: purchase offers, buyer financing, negotiations with the buyer, and coordination of the closing. Bottom line, I will save you time, money, hassles, and be a guiding partner and trusted advisor towards a successful close. Peace of mind and professional management is what separates us from other fitness brokers.

Industry Experience

My passion for the fitness industry spans over 25 years. As a previous Owner & Operator myself, I understand your business and speak your language. 

Specialization & Proven Success

I specialize in selling health clubs. I have experience selling small 24 hour franchises, personal training studios, women-only clubs, as well as large athletic clubs. My network of contacts, advisors, consultants, and potential buyers give me a considerable advantage over a general broker.

Fee Flexibility - Save Money

Most brokers charge between 10-12% of the purchase price. My fee is discounted so you can save a significant amount of money. For most clubs, I waive the $500 packaging fee and earn a success fee commission paid upon closing. Compared to other options or services, I offer a cost-effective and very professional experience.

Professionalism, Honesty & Integrity

My mantra in operating as a broker is to provide full-disclosure, courteous, professional representation with zeal is what my buyers & sellers can always depend upon. Check out the testimonials tab for references.


In 2006, I had the privilege of being personally trained and certified by a hall of fame legend in the Business Broker world, William B. Martin, President of The United States Business Brokers Association. Bill personally sold hundreds of businesses and created one of the first nationwide broker franchisor companies in the industry responsible for selling thousands of businesses. As a continuation of his training and mentorship, I provide my clients with a one of a kind and personal service experience.

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  1. Full Business Brokerage Services
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Our Testimonials

“Shane Massey was diligent in bringing multiple buyers to the table and working closely with me to determine the best candidate to purchase and the most ideal scenario. He saved me time, money and maximized the purchase price. He was a joy to work with and completed the process from start to finish in one year.”

Sherri McMillan, Seller of Northwest Women's Fitness in Portland, Oregon

“Shane used his contacts and brought me a qualified buyer and we had a successful closing in six months. I highly recommend Shane as a Business Broker. He is a true industry expert, very professional and great to work with. He saved me time, money and a lot of headaches.”

Jim Choate, Seller of Duncanville Athletic Club in Texas

“After being a Health Club Owner, I bought a restaurant and Shane was the Listing Broker. The process was very smooth and fast thanks to Shane’s focus and professionalism.”

Sherri McMillan

Mark Williams, Buyer

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